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Mobile Mechanic Sydney - offering 24 hour Maintenance and Roadside Assistance

You can search high and low, perform hours of online research, and even talk to friends about who they think is the top mobile mechanic Sydney residents can unanimously rely on...But importantly, what you should know is that there is only one mobile mechanic Sydney prefers for ALL car troubles...

Sydney's Independant Mobile Mechanics, boasts a team of highly-trained and qualified repair specialists – each of whom understands the potential detriment of owning a car, and the many troubles one must go through in order to get back on the road. As a result, we jump through hoops as your preferred mobile car mechanic so you don't have to. Independant's mobile mechanics and auto electricians are committed to offering affordable, top notch roadside assistance Sydney can trust – no matter the circumstances.

For years, our customers haven't hesitated to contact Independant Mobile Mechanics when in a jam...and for good reason; their resulting service routinely ends in more than they could have ever expected. Past and current customers have branded Independant the auto electrician and mobile mechanic Sydney residents can count on in their time of need.

As an expert mobile car mechanic and provider of roadside assistance, Sydney's Independant Mobile Mechanics offers complete vehicle maintenance and mobile car repairs including:

Mobile Car Mechanic Sydney Services:

We provide all of the above mobile care mechanic services, auto electrical services and roadside assistance Sydney-wide, for most vehicles that can be classified as passenger autos; along with those that are 4WD, light commercial, and diesel vehicles.

You can be the best, most cautious driver in the world, but it's important to remember you aren't the only driver on the road. For this reason, we've provided the following tips to help you stay safe – just in case:

When you car breaks down in the middle of traffic

First and foremost, be sure to direct your car as far from traffic as possible, or into a designated lane for breakdowns if on the freeway. With that said, NEVER push your car alone – doing so may result in you losing control of your vehicle. Also, turn on your hazard and parking lights as soon as possible, doing so will increase your vehicle's visibility to oncoming and passing traffic.

When safe, get out of the car, and then wait away from the vehicle, far off the road and behind rails if possible. You can find our mobile car mechanics Sydney-wide, so it's important you stay calm, and confident that help is on the way.

When your car breaks down in an isolated area at night

Immediately, turn your hazard lights on and make sure your parking lights stay on to guarantee you and your car's visibility. Then, be sure to lock your doors and keep your mobile phone on and within reach. It is advised you don't leave your vehicle until a mobile car mechanic or roadside assistance Sydney professional has arrived to assist you. While it's nice for strangers and passer by's to offer their help, be cautious, and remain in your locked vehicle, communicating only through small window openings. If you become frightened by the presence of anyone who is not designated roadside assistance, honk your horn repeatedly and flicker you headlights on and off. Then, call the police on 000.

When you need a team of mobile car mechanics, Sydney's Independant Mobile Mechanics can assist you in any of the above situations.

* Please note, the tips provided above are only intended as a helpful guide provided by Independant Mobile Car Mechanics in Sydney. Should you find yourself in an unfortunate position with your vehicle, please be aware there are additional precautions that are not listed or mentioned above that may also be beneficial in assisting with personal safety. These guidelines may not include every possible preventable measure required to keep you safe.